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Computer Lab :

To keep up the pace in this fast life of today, computer education is extremely important. Computers are an integral part of life and so is computer education! Hi Tech Computer labs are the hubs in our campus to make our students Technologically Literate. This makes an emphatic statement about the school's commitment to gearing students to navigate the information superhighway that is changing the world.

Science, Maths and Social Studies Laboratories :

Laboratories are a seed ground where students get to explore, question,invent and deduce findings and learn in a collaborative way. Keeping in mind the famous Chinese proverb "I hear - I forget ; I see -- I remember ; I do -- I understand

The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Social Studies Laboratories with latest equipment and materials. The students are given practical experience to understand the basics of all subjects. These are the ignition points for the birth of young scientists, geologists, archeologists, great thinkers and engineers.

English Lab :

School has separate language laboratory with latest audio-visual installations an aid in modern language teaching. It ensures correct pronunciations, accent neutralization and has facilities for self study also

Robotics Lab :

It's a matter of great pride that our Shiv Jyoti Educational Group has introduced Robotic lab to provide world class educational skill to the students. In Robotic Lab, Students are getting benefits to enhance their engineering & research development skill. These students will surely lead in "Skill India" and "Start up" programmes in upcoming future. Students do innovative & interesting work with the help of Robotic lab so that they can improve their scientific temperament. It is noticeable that Shiv Jyoti Educational Group is the only institute in North India that has introduced such advance technical lab with the help and guidance of the experts, students get support to cultivate skill and confidence. Our Robotic Lab is unique in many ways. It provides not only a platform to students to enhance their knowledge but it also provides a wonderful environment to learn more.

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