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Shiv Jyoti Residential School is nestled in the lap of nature in the ranges of Mukundra Hills provides an enriching atmosphere where the intellectual and physical faculties of children are encouraged. The 8 acre of lush green campus in an independent Day Boarding Co-Educational School from grade I to XII with ultra-modern well planned and excellent designed building, open fields, indoor energizers and experienced staff.


Smart Class Video

Shiv Jyoti Group lays emphasis on technology intensive teaching. Here innovation is the buzzword. We believe in learning things by gaining hands on experience by doing, thinking, problem-solving, listening, talking, reading, playing, sharing and role playing. We understand that the child's understanding is at a sensory perceptual level, thus the child best understands things which he/she can hear, see and feel .Hence we have equipped every classroom with interactive Digiboards where the classroom teaching is enhanced through the use of technology.

The teachers are well trained and digital boards in all class rooms are connected to a dedicated server engine which allows teachers to use the large repository of curriculum based digital content in order to create a multi sensory learning experience for the students. A powerful software allows teachers to view and map relevant digital content for their classroom sessions as per their time tables and syllabus. Teachers use the digital resources such as animations, video clips and simulated models as part of their class room period to teach the specific topics.

The Digital classes have following added values:

  • It provides more teaching time because teachers can use web-based and other resources more efficiently.
  • It gives more opportunities for interaction, cooperation and discussion in the classroom, especially in comparison with other teaching methods.
  • The focus cinema effect contributes to concentration and learning becomes easier and permanent because of audio visual media.
  • The increase in lesson pace provides more opportunities for elaboration, repetition of content and test preparation.
  • Lessons are experienced to be more attractive, clear, efficient and dynamic presentations promote engagement and motivation because there are more opportunities to participate and cooperate.
  • Learners manage to understand more complex concepts by physically handling related objects and representations.
  • Visually rich narrative formats from comic book style to illustrated poems.
  • Multi-modal and kinesthetic possibilities deepen learning and promote metacognition particularly when materials used are specifically designed for particular lesson phases.
  • There is a unique assessment tool provided in the class room for teachers to make instant formative assessment in every session.

Daily Diary

Parents and students can track assignments, class notes, worksheets, school notices on the internet. Message facilities are also available to parents. Parents can also similarly send their queries, suggestions to the teachers and the management via the internet.
To enjoy the benefits of our smart website the given steps are to be followed.
Google  Select School Shiv Jyoti Sr. Sec. School Click on Daily Diary Enter User Name and Password and Sign in
Following are the smart features of our daily diary:-
1. Exam Information           :           to get exam related information of your ward.
2. Daily Diary                      :           to view daily homework.
3. My Classwork                 :           to view your ward’s classroom work.
4. Holiday Assignment        :           to view assignments given for holidays.
5. My Communication         :           to put up your queries and requests.


The Shiv Jyoti Residential cum Day Boarding school Library known as the NALANDA LIBRARY provides academic resources for all constituents of the school students, faculty and administrative staff. The library strives to make resources readily accessible when and wherever they are needed to enhance and promote the total growth and development of the students.
Endowed with thousands of articles and books coupled with a resource centre, carves out an impeccable amalgamation of wholesome knowledge provided to all the students. A huge spectrum of books authored by acclaimed writers of various genres is available to children at our NALANDA Library. This encourages and inculcates in them a love for reading that not only provides sheer joy but also further develops and enhances many skills in them.
The role of the library is to provide a dynamic and flexible space that is innovatively designed with best practices and research in mind where students can explore and use various resources in different formats. They are encouraged to grow and become passionate learners and individuals where the world of knowledge opens up to them. The available resources offer an amazing variety of learning experiences for all ages as it comes from a variety of sources, within India and abroad.



We have State of the Art Computer lab with fully updated computers. Internet connection is available throughout. Computer Science is an integral part of the Academic Curriculum and is compulsory for students from Class I onwards. Computer Aided learning syllabus is integrated with the CBSE curriculum. Students participate in the National Cyber Olympiad conducted by National Science Foundation and National Informatics conducted by CBSE.


We have state-of-the-art Science Labs, one each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology&Math. The labs are equipped with audio-visual (AV) facilities to enable students to stay in touch with the latest developments in science and technology. Our labs have a separate reference section and students have access to the computers. A major Science Exhibition is held by the students each year to showcase the discoveries and inventions of our students.


Language primarily develops from listening & speaking. Listening & speaking skills, when nurtured to the full, have a positive & marked effect on students when they go out in the competitive word.
The school has separate language lab with latest audio-visual installations an aid in modern language teaching. It ensures correct pronunciations, accent neutralization and has facilities for study also.


It’s a matter of great pride that our Shiv Jyoti Educational Group has introduced Robotics Lab to provide world-class educational skills to the student. In Robotics Lab, students are getting benefits to enhance their engineering & research development skills. These students will surely lead in “Skill India” and “Startup” programmes in upcoming future. Students do innovative & interesting work with the help of Robotics lab so that they can improve their scientific temperament. It is noticeable that Shiv Jyoti Educational Group is the only institute in the region that has introduced such advance technical lab with the help and guidance of the experts, students get support to cultivate skill and confidence. Our Robotics Lab is unique in many ways. It provides not only a platform for students to enhance their knowledge but it also provides a wonderful environment to realize innovative ideas into reality.


Open fields
We have vast sprawling grounds, where the borders get an exposure to play to their optimal limits for the physical exercise. Our lush green gardens offer a calm, cool and ideal location for physical and mental growth of the students. At Shiv Jyoti, the big expanses of field yield myriad activities for overall personality development of the students.
We have
1.    Basketball Court
2.    Volleyball Court
3.    Swimming Pools
4.    Open Gym
5.    Yoga and Meditation Ground
6.    Tennis Court
8.    Badminton Court
7.    Cricket Field etc.

Open field

We believe in the propagation of the all-round development of a child. With our vast sprawling green grounds, the students get an exposure to play to their optimal limits for the physical exercise which is a must as Sound Mind dwells in a Sound Body. These grounds of the school serve as the right platform for the students.
The sports facilities provide excellent training grounds for budding sportsmen.
The school in its vast stretch of land encompass
•    Cricket Field
•    Badminton Court
•    Football ground
•    Tennis Court
•    Basket Ball Court
•    Volley Ball Court
•    Skating Rink
Games at Shiv Jyoti are played with much fervour and passion. There is an emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. All the games are supervised by experienced coaches.


The school is seasoned and taste friendly. It also offers numerous indoor activities like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Yoga Room etc. Music, Dance, Drama for children to choose from and provision of training under skilled trainers in various games. These would definitely provide them change to enjoy the intricacies of the game and remain energized.


The campus has a state of the art open gymnasium fully equipped with latest fitness equipment and trainers.


August, 2019


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