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Since the facility of accommodation is an intrinsic infrastructural feature of a standard seat of learning. The school has paid particular attention to keep the quality of its hostels on par with that of other high profile academic centers of the nation.

The campus has well furnished and duly equipped separate boys and girls hostels .The hostels are provided with full time wardens and high grade security. The school's unique boarding facility ensures a positive attitude to learning .

The surroundings allow students to study and be free of distractions that often permeate the domestic environment. The Shiv Jyoti campus, with its sprawling grounds, numerous amenities and student-tailored lifestyle allows students to fulfill their academic demands and yet be enveloped in the comfort of nurture.

Depending on the sporting season, students are grouped together so they enjoy their evenings indulging in Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Chess, Swimming or more. The bonding and the intricate support structure that is built on the coaching strategies, the encouragement and the strength of the teacher-student rapport is next to none at Shiv Jyoti.

To summarise, our boarding facility enables students to develop and fine tune their sense of self discipline so they become responsible, interested and interesting young people. But beyond the discipline is the belief and the vision that each child is trained to be responsible for his own space, belongings and sensitivities, and to continually sharpen his senses and sympathies for the people around him. We inculcate in our boarders independence and self worth so they are equipped with the necessary life skills to take full responsibility for their efforts and achievements.

Rest Room :

Cozy rest rooms have been provided to all the day boarders to take rest after the strenuous day .

Counseling :

Counselors interact with the students amicably and Solve their intractable problems with astonishing ease.