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  Indoor Energizers

The school is season and taste friendly. It also offers numerous indoor activities for children to choose from. Different team activities and provision of training under skilled trainers in various games .These would definitely provide them change to enjoy the intricacies of game and remain energized.


Gymnasium :


The campus has a state of the art gymnasium fully equipped with latest fitness equipments and trainers.


Touch with the Cultural Facets :

Touch with the Cultural Facets

The school keeps a touch with the cultural aspects and gives the opportunity to imbibe the same to its students.

Trained gurus and modern sound and light equipments provide the right place to develop their skills in music, vocal/instrumental and dance forms .


Creativity Room and Theatre :

We have uniquely designed and designated room for children where they can freely use their imaginations to further discover and develop talent through visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile stimulation. Children are empowered through creative inspiration, free play and group creativity. It is a key to self-discovery and exciting interaction through creative exploration. Gateway to drama, the school has a separate theatre workshop to develop this art among students.

Vocational Training Rooms :

School also imparts procedural knowledge through its vocational training programs in its dedicated classrooms.