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  Day Boarding- An Insight

This approach provides children with a 360 degree educational experience. Day boarding has been created so that a child looks upon school as a second home. Like a home away from home, all requisites are provided to children so that they grow into responsible and healthy individuals.


  • Equal importance is given to academics and co-curricular pursuits.
  • A special hour is devoted daily to activities that are of interest to students.
  • These activities include art, music, martial arts, sports, yoga, dramatics, dance, skating amongst a host of other such activities.
  • Day boarding is applicable to students from Grade I onwards.
  • Special trainers will conduct these activities to ensure participation and successful learning.
  • Two snacks will be provided by the school so that children are fed healthily during school hours. Wholesome lunch will also be provided at subsidised rates.
  • In case of an emergency, a trained full-time nurse will be on hand.
  • This approach ensures that children set an all round development.

In our Day Boarding system the school timing is from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m  change the timing to 8.. am to 4.00 pm and the additional hours are optimally utilized for development of hobbies, systematic sports coaching and extra academic help (e.g. homework). The concept offers the following value proposition:

Personality Development : Shiv Jyoti aims to bring out the inherent talent in each child through a wide range of games, sports and co-curricular activities. The child is exposed to an environment where he/ she can decide a hobby of his/her liking and develop the talent to its excellence.

Optimized learning : Child’s time is spent very productively at school on various scholastic & co-curricular activities and is not wasted in traveling to various tuition/ coaching/ hobby/ sports classes.

Quality family time : Parents do not have to worry about homework, curricular or extra-curricular activities as they are taken care of by the school. The family is thus able to spend quality time at home as the child returns home each day free of any tension or pressure.

Teacher student interaction : Child spends more time with teachers and thereby develops a stronger bond. Due to small class size, the class teacher is able to give personalized attention and act as a personal mentor.

Balanced diet : At Shiv Jyoti Residential cum Day Boarding school your child gets an opportunity to develop good eating habits - avoid fussing on food and learn to enjoy well-cooked, nutritious and a balanced diet . Learning to share, developing manners is an incidental learning pattern that occurs by itself.

Disintegration of the joint family system, increasing competition, economic liberalization leave nuclear families with no other option but to let the child spend long hours after school with nannies, drivers or in ill-equipped crèches. The chances of children watching undesirable programmes on television or surfing an internet site which is not intended for them are great. Therefore, the long day school is of paramount importance so that the child is under the supervision of responsible and committed teachers.

The long day school concept is a blessing for working parents so that the child is under the supervision of understanding, caring and committed teachers. We firmly believe that a parent's job is to give to the child time, to share love and imbibe the moral values which are so essential for the development of the child.

we aim to ?

  • Provide scope for a wholesome curriculum by spending longer hours at school.
  • Reduce the burden of carrying heavy school bags to and from school.
  • Complete all academic work during school hours thus enabling the child to add variety to his learning by being an active part of the home environment.
  • Provide each learner with required tools in a captivating ambience for the purpose of finding the creative genius within.
  • Spot the sporting skill early which deserves all nourishment at an appropriate time.
  • Develop good eating habits.
  • Create an oasis for nuclear families with working parents.